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Zanta Calm Essential Oil Perfume

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100% Natural Essential Oils


Zanta Calm Essential Oil Perfume

The sanskrit language takes one word and gives it meaning in various ways; expanding the core & embracing different aspects. Zanta is all things relating to peace, calmness & tranquility.

Cedarwood oil is a good sleep aid, especially when sleeplessness comes from stress and worry. Calming & relaxing like a walk in the woods.

Frankincense essential oil promotes deep breathing and relaxation, opens your breathing passages to reduce blood pressure, moving your mental state back to calmness. Long used to lowers anxiety, anger and stress.

Ylang Ylang III essential oil can be called the “happy” essential oil. Just inhale it’s essence and you will be filled with feelings of happiness & gratitude. We use Ylang Ylang III which is a high concentration of the oil distillate. Nature’s own stress buster.

Blended in a base of 100% Natural Jojoba & Coconut Oil.

5 ml. aqua glass roller vial

Frankincense Essential Oil, Ylang Ylang II Essential Oil, Mandarin Essential Oil, Cedarwood Essential Oil, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil


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