Natural Silk Sea Sponge

$2.00 (+ tax)

Size: 2″-3″


Natural Silk Sea Sponge -Facial Sponge

Harvested from the sea, this natural silk sea sponge only gets better with time. Naturally anti-bacterial and resistant to mold, sea sponges have been around since the existence of Mermaids. Our sea sponges are hand-picked from the Gulf in an old world tradition by the divers of Tarpon Springs, FL. They are sustainably harvested as the divers leave a portion of the base intact and the sponge regrows again to full size.

Why use a natural silk sea sponge for clearing your face?

• Natural exfoliator while gently cleansing your pores
• Simply wet, add cleanser (bar or liquid)
• Rub all over your skin as it becomes very pliable when wet
• Squeeze out and allow to dry until next use
• Improves skin texture
• Gentle enough for acne skin
• Anti-bacterial
• Odorless



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