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MANA Essential Oil Perfume

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Life Force Energy


MANA Essential Oil Perfume ~ Life Force Energy

The blend of 100% Natural Essential Oils will have you breathing in the essence of energy.

Basil essential oil has been touted as “the royal oil to strengthen the mind and heart”, and has been used since the 16th century. Breathe in to improve your memory and clarify your mind. Got a cold or sinus problems? Basil oil opens up sinuses and reduces the frequency of coughing. The refreshing effect of basil makes it a fantastic remedy at treating anxiety, mental fatigue, depression, and migraines.

Rosemary essential oil; inhalation has been proven to actually decrease the level of cortisol in the saliva. Cortisol is one of the main stress hormones that are released during the “flight or fight” response of the body to stress.

Peppermint essential oil is an energy booster. Peppermint oil powerfully affects and improves mental clarity and raises energy levels. If you’re trying to cut back on caffeine, this may be a blessing to your mid-afternoon lull.

Ginger Root Essential Oil can awaken your wild side; proceed with caution as ginger oil is an aphrodisiac! On a spiritual level it is believed to bring about feelings of gratitude.

Ecualyptus Essentail Oil can help you breathe easier as it can reduce inflammation in the lungs. Properties include it being anti-bacterial & a vasodilator. This means that it increases the blood flow around the body by relaxing the blood vessels and allowing more blood to circulate. Basically, more blood to the brain means more brain power, and eucalyptus essential oil is commonly employed in classrooms as a form of causal aromatherapy to increase student performance.

Ravensaura Oil is steam distilled from the leaves and grown in Madagascar and known as “the oil that heals”. It is an immune booster which will help keep you healthy!

Lemon essential oil is a cleanser of toxins and makes way for clearer thinking. A pathway to opening up your heart center and releasing negative energy.

These oils are blended in a base of 100% natural jojoba & coconut oil.

5 ml. aqua glass roller vial

Sweet Basil Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Laurel leaf Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Ginger Root Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Ravensara Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, jojoba oil, fractionated coconut oil.


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