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LaLa Lavender Essential Oil Perfume

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100% Natural Essential Oils


LaLa Lavender Essential Oil Perfume

Lavender comes from the Latin root lavare, which means “to wash.” as it was frequently used in baths to help purify the body and spirit.

The oil in lavender’s small, blue violet flowers gives the herb its fragrant scent & the essential oil is extracted from the fresh flowers.

Nature’s remedy for insomnia, anxiety depression & fatigue. Inhaling lavender produces a slight calming, soothing, and sedative effects.
Research scientist suggests that aromatherapy with lavender may slow the activity of the nervous system, improve sleep quality, promote relaxation, and lift mood in people suffering from sleep disorders.

One study of using lavender for aromatherapy showed that brain waves are altered thus altering behavior. Breathing in lavender aroma stimulates your olfactory receptor cells which carry nerve impulses to your brain and tiny amounts are absorbed into your bloodstream through your lungs giving you the internal benefits as well.

Uses: Roll on pulse points, around your hairline or on feet (bundled up feet can smell funky).

Blended in 100% Natural Jojoba & Coconut Oil.

Bulk orders available also.

Available in a 5 ml. aqua-glass roller vial.

40 42 French Lavender, Jojoba Oil, Fractionated coconut oil


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