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The skin needs protection no matter what climate you live in. Mermaid Minerals Facial Oil Elixir helps to strengthen your skin’s natural barrier against environmental toxins. Because oils are lipophilic, they can penetrate deep into the skin, trapping water and other moisturizing goodness in. Our Facial OIl can also be a natural make up primer by creating a smoother canvas to apply makeup on.

This unique blend of natural botanical and essential oils is anti-inflamatory and calming for many skin issues. Base nourishing oils like apricot kernel, argan and pomegranate heal the skin and are easily absorbed, leaving the skin feeling supple and soft.

Rare Blue Tansy oil gives the ocean blue tint naturally and it’s sweet herbaceous scent distinguish it from other essential oils.  Blue Tansy oil is extracted when the tops of these flowering plants are steam distilled. Like Chamomile, Blue Tansy possesses unique soothing and anti-inflammatory properties that are ideal for aggravated, red, and sensitive skin.

Argan Oil offers omega fatty acids, vitamin E, and linoleic acids, all of which work to lightly moisturize your skin, soften dry patches, and even reduce acne. Essentially it’ nature’s protective, nourishing super food for your skin.

Evening Primrose Oil contains high concentrations of GLA, and has anti-inflammatory properties and helps keeps skin hydrated. It’s often considered one of the best oils for acne as it contains useful fatty acids and vitamin E, which help soothe irritated skin without clogging pores.

Apricot Kernel Oil high amounts of essential fatty acids maintain the balance of moisture and fill in gaps between skin cells to leave skin silky and hydrated. Rich in Vitamin A & E it promotes collagen production thereby reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Pomagranate Seed OIl is a deeply therapeutic oil for the skin. This rich oil contains high levels of flavonoids and punicic acid which assist in soothing the skin. Pomegranate Seed (CO2) may improve skin elasticity, relieve redness & reduce the appearance of scars

Jasmine Absolute – toning the skin  Lavender –  antiseptic & healing Myrh – super antioxidant

Frankincense – reduces scarring Bergamot – balancing oil production Vitamin E – protects against UV radiation

When to use Facial Oil Elixir in your beauty routine?

1. Clean 2 Tone 3. Serum 4. Facial Oil

Use daily Am & PM.      1oz Blue Glass Vial with dropper     VEGAN *  Preservative Free * Anti-Aging

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1 review for Facial Oil Elixir

  1. Naluphilo

    This oil has saved my skin! I have very sensitive skin. I always find myself really dry and then I use lotions or oils and I get too oily. If I use anything with harsh ingredients I get blotchy and break out. Since I have started using this oil my dry patches have disappeared and I have not gotten oily or broken out yet. It’s been 2 weeks and my skin feels and looks amazing.

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