Have you heard before that your hands can really tell your age?

Are your hands the only place telling your age?




Well there is a lot of truth to that. Our hands are constantly being subject to over use via cleaning products, constant washing, sun exposure while driving. However, there is another part of your body that is most likely being neglected.

The one place you didn’t realize you are aging!



What if I told you that your cleavage is ratting you out on your age? Yup, that little nook between the girls. It is unfortunately a forgotten part of the body when it comes to skincare! But the good news is that you can start now to remedy the situation! Take a moment when following your skincare routine with Mermaid Minerals Ocean Mineral Skincare to apply to cleavage. Your cleavage can benefit from the same products. After showering apply Mermaid Minerals Serum & C followed by Ocean Mineral Moisturizer. 

So when you go low, go with confidence that the girls aren’t letting you down! You can reverse and slow down those tell tale signs of aging with twice daily care. Follow our blog here for more tips and tricks to beating the clock with Mermaid Minerals. 

Don’t let the girls give your age away!


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