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Mermaids are mysterious creatures but the secret to their great skin can be yours, too. Seaweed is nature’s secret weapon against aging.

Our seaweed infused skincare can re-mineralize, renew & restore your skin. Seaweed is like a multivitamin for your face. Enhance your natural beauty with our Organic, Natural, Vegan & Gluten Free Makeup. Mermaids of all ages love the beach inspired colors and the simplicity of the line.

Be sure to pack your favorite Mermaids Life T-shirt or tank in your luggage. Designs change frequently so keep checking the site!

Does your skin have you hiding?

Does your skin have you wishing it was Mardi Gras every day so you could hide behind a mask? One of the best ways to jump start your skin is to use a mask. Not the kind pictured here, but a natural clay mask compliments of Mother Earth. A mask main purpose is to deep...

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What is telling your age the most?

Have you heard before that your hands can really tell your age?       Well there is a lot of truth to that. Our hands are constantly being subject to over use via cleaning products, constant washing, sun exposure while driving. However, there is another part of your...

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Protect Your Hair While Protecting the Ocean

Protect your hair while protecting the ocean! How can you do this? Mermaid Minerals Hair Protector helps to protect your hair from salt water, chlorine and sun damage. Made from natural ingredients that won't harm the ocean, the reef or fish. Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein...

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