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Mermaid Minerals Eye Make Up

Mermaid Minerals Eye Make Up

Create your own shade of lip gloss. Our powders are multipurpose. Dab a little loose eye shadow of any color; like Prism to your lips, apply a coat of Glamour Girl Mint Gloss and voila, you have just created your own shade of lip gloss! You can also apply our lipstick (matt or shimmer) and add gloss. Try HUSH over CRUSH!

All of our mineral powders are multi-purpose. Use an eye shadow as an eye-liner. Add a hint of shimmer or bronzer to foundation to make a golden face powder or body glow. Take a few sprinkles of face powder and add to moisturizer to make a light tinted foundation. No boundaries, the possibilities are endless, and the results are individual!

Eye Lash Growth Enhancer


Alternative to Expensive Prescription Only Products

Got lash envy? Now you can get the lashes you want with wthout paying too much! Our eyelash & eyebrow growing serum is formulated with high-powered anti-oxidant fruit blends, anti-aging peptides and hyaluronic acid. Proven to lengthen and boost thin or damaged lashes. Improves and conditions your natural eyelashes for a fuller and more youthful lash line.

Daily use will give you a consistent thick lash line.

Lashurious Eye Lash Make Up


There are three stages of hair growth: anagen (active/growth phase), catagen (transition/regression phase) and telogen (resting phase). Hair on the eyelashes and eyebrows has a very short active anagen phase of about 30-45 days. This explains why eyelashes are shorter than scalp hair. Approximately 60-80% of the eyelashes are in the anagen phase. The entire duration of cycle for the eyelashes is 3-4 months, whereas the cycle for scalp hair is about 3-6 years.

Lashurious will aid in lash growth and strengthen the lashes on eyes & brows.

$65.00 ea.

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Clinical studies confirm that lash length increased by 25% after 3 weeks! Thick long lashes are just a sweep of the wand away! Forget false lashes! These lashes are yours! Benefit by our unique blend of these botanicals & peptides: Saberry , coffee, licorice, grapefruit, mangostana, goji berry, pomegranate, acai & cocoa

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Glitter Eye Shadow

Mermaid Minerals Atlantis Glitter
Big Apple
Mermaid Minerals Show Big Apple Glitter
Mermaid Minerals Diamond Glitter
Jackpot (new)
Mermaid Minerals Jackpot Glitter
Mermaid Minerals Mermaid Glitter
Rio de Janeiro
Mermaid Minerals Show Rio de Janerio Glitter
St. Tropez
Mermaid Minerals St. Tropez Glitter
Show Girl
Mermaid Minerals Show Girl Glitter
Mermaid Minerals Stardust Glitter

Glitter eye shadow is a way to get your eyes instant attention. Not just for night time glitter eye shadow can be applied as a subtle accent to frame your eyes or can be applied over the entire lid for a more dramatic effect. Don't stop there! Apply our glitter to your LIPS as well for added sparkle.

0.14 oz. / 4g

$16.00 ea.

$16.00 ea.

Your Choice:

I-Line - Waterproof Liquid EyelinerDid you know? I-Line Clear can also be used to WATERPROOF any eye liner, eye shadow or eye brow pencil. Just lightly stroke over make up. Great for performers of all types including underwater. Mermaids everywhere love I-Line! Click here to buy!

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Clear Gel

Glitz Fix

A must have when you purchase our Eye Glitters! This clear gel makes glitter application a breeze! Just swipe the sponge wand over the eye to apply a thin layer of gel. Apply glitter with eye shadow brush or sponge applicator. Allow to dry. Voila! Pretty glitter eyes! Washes off easily with our Natural Mystic Eye Make Up Remover!

$9 ea.

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Mineral Shimmer

Mermaid Minerals iRave Eye Shadow

Mermaid Minerals iRave Eye Shadow iRave is the ultimate new shimmer. These loose mineral pigments sparkle and shine in their all-in-one bottle applicator. Try our 12 outrageous shades...they're all the Rave!!

1 gram - Mermaid Minerals On Sale Specials
$16.00 ea. Now only $8.00 ea.

Select Your Color:

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Eye Shadow

5 ml. - $18.00 ea.

Make Your Selection:

Blue Fusion
Blue Fusion Mineral Baked Beauties Eye Shadow
Bronze Fusion
Bronze Fusion Mineral Baked Beauties Eye Shadow

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Loose Powder


GOLD! Rich Gold - Wow! Layer to get the depth you want in color saturation. Highly pigmented but silky. Golden Girl!

Royal & Regal Shimmers & Sparkles, just like the gemstone. Dazzle them as you bat your eyes.
Bermuda Blue

Island Blue Water

When Lava cools it takes on a shimmery look. Great color for smokey eyes and eye liner. Hint of cool steel grey. Rich dark black/grey shimmer. Smokey eye favorite.
Lucky Penny

Think of a liquid new Penny to visualize this color. Copper with a hint of gold. This color pairs well with Prism!

Lighter Silvery Blue - Elegant dazzle with the softest powder. Add a little to your lip gloss to make it a diamond gloss!

Ocean Reflections - All shades of sea green and a touch of golden shimmer makes this a Mermaid delight.

If you've been lucky enough to see a moon-bow at night, then you know what this looks like. Soft purples, grey & a trace of mystic silver - Iridescent!

Ivory Opalescent - Irridescent beautiful highlighter or shimmer. Pure opulent opal.

Goddess Fire - Smoldering like the Hawaiian Goddess, Pele, this eye shadow will bring out the divine in you! Tiny fires of gold glitter from within the smokey beauty of your eyes!

Sophisticated Silver - Elegant dazzle with the softest powder. Add a little to your lip gloss to make it a diamond gloss!

If you want a color that reflects all the beautiful hues in the pink, bronze & mauve range, then this is the one. Our #1 Seller.
Purple Haze

VIBRANT fucsia-like color. If you want the WOW factor this is it!

Matt base- no sparkle or shimmer - like the desert. The perfect neutral base in the beige family. Our #2 Seller.

Pure as the driven snow. Great for highlights. Bright white.

Twinkle, Twinkle, this shadows shimmers like a bright star. Silvery white.

Mermaid Mineral loose eye mineral powders are rich & vibrant. Intense color pigmentation means saturated colors for your eyes. Apply thick layers for deep colors, fade out for subtle beauty. All of our loose mineral powders can be made into a WATERPROOF eye liner by using our clear I-LINE formula. Play with contrasting colors for the look you want.

Get more beauty for your buck - all of our loose mineral powders can be added to clear lip gloss for a pretty pucker! Mix a little with your face powder for dramatic shimmer accents. These versatile powders have endless possibilities.

Take it off with our Natural Mystic Eye Make Up Remover ~ non-oily and gentle. Frame your eyes with our SUPER LASH mascara in regular or waterproof no clump build a lash formula.

Mermaid Minerals On Sale Specials 5 ml. - $12.00

$6.00 ea.

Make Your Selection:

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Seashell Multi-Purpose Mineral Powder

Pale Pink with a hint of a golden the last hint of a pale pink sunset.... or those sand washed seashells on the shore.... can be used as an eye shadow, blush, highlighter or added to your lip gloss for some pretty pink pucker.

Super Sexy Multi-Purpose Mineral Powder

Subtle eggplant, mauve, dusty rose MATT loose mineral powder. Can be used as eye shadow, eye liner, or blush.

Garnet Multi-Purpose Mineral Powder

Just like the gemstone but with a warm golden shimmer added. Warm up your cheeks & give them a rosy glow. Add to lip gloss for accented color, or use as an eye powder.

$12.00 ea.

Select Your Color:

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Make Up Supplements

Mineral Mascara
Black & Brown
Mineral Mascara

Volumize your eyes! Finally, a mascara that does what you want it to. Apply 1 layer for everyday. Add additional layers until you get the lash look you want. Does not smear, stays on all day. Water resistant.

$12.00 ea.

Your Choice:

Mineral Mascara
Waterproof Black
Mineral Mascara

All the fabulous benefits as our standard Super Lash but waterproof. Just what all Mermaids need to keep those lashes perfect even in the stormiest sea!

$12.00 ea.

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Natural Mystic
Eye Make Up Remover
Natural Mystic Eye Make Up Remover
4 oz.

The skin around the eyes is delicate and one of the first places to show wear & tear. Slow down the aging process by using this gentle no tug eye make remover. Absolutely the best eye make up remover for contact lens wearers or those with sensitive eyes. Does the trick without any greasy residue or film on eyes. Since we have been selling this we have had ZERO complaints and ZERO returns. Oil Free. Sulfate Free. Fragrance Free. All great for taking off dark lipstick! Now available in 4 oz size.

4 oz. - $12.00 ea.

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Liquid Eye Liner

Mineral Mascara
I-Line - Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

A clear thick liquid that turns ANY mineral powder into an eye-liner. Tap a small amount of your powder into the lid. Use the fine eye-liner brush in the I-Line bottle to pick up the powder. Brush across eye lid as you would any eye liner. Voila! Eye liner in the shade you want, when you want it without making an extra purchase. Stays put. Won't smear or smudge!

Black Liquid Eye Liner

Brown Liquid Eye Liner

Not Shown: Navy Blue | Gold

$9.00 ea.

Select Your Color:

Dark Brown
Dark Brown Liquid Eye Liner

I-Line - Waterproof Liquid EyelinerDid you know? I-Line Clear can also be used to WATERPROOF any eye liner, eye shadow or eye brow pencil. Just lightly stroke over make up. Great for performers of all types including underwater. Mermaids everywhere love I-Line!

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Waterproof - Retractable

Mermaid Minerals Retractable Mineral Eye Pencil

Mineral Waterproof Retractable Eyeliner Pencil Mineral waterproof retractable eye liner pencils in four exciting shades. Draw precise and defined lines in a rich, creamy texture. Enriched with Vitamin E, these pencils provide comfort and beauty.

Mermaid Minerals Retractable Mineral Eye Pencil, Bronzed
Mermaid Minerals Retractable Mineral Eye Pencil, Deep Brown
Deep Brown
Mermaid Minerals Retractable Mineral Eye Pencil, Noir
Mermaid Minerals Retractable Mineral Eye Pencil, Smoke

$16.00 ea

Select Your Color:

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Hard Fill Pencil


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$8.00 ea

Select Your Color:

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Soft Fill Combo
Mineral Waterproof Retractable Eyeliner Pencil

Soft creamy pencil to fill in, shade, groom and shape your eyebrows. Pencil on one end, round brush on the other. Frame your beautiful eyes with well groomed eyebrows. A creamy blend of jojoba & vegetable oil blended with mineral pigments which provide a natural SPF-15. Long lasting & Waterproof

$9.00 ea.

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Select Your Color:

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w/ Jojoba Oil

Make both cream and powder eye shadows stay on hours longer than they normally would. Plus smooths out lines and creates an even color base to build on. Creamy formula hydrates and moisturizes. The jojoba seed oil base creates a smooth easy application. We added Kaolin clay to aid in keeping your shadow in place and to prevent creases.


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$12.00 ea.

Choose your shade:


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