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Every item in Mermaid Minerals complete line of products has been tested and approved by a board of licensed Estheticians, Aromatherapists, and a team of Cosmetic Formulators & Chemists.

Beauty is a characteristic of being in balance and harmony with nature. Our product formulas are infused with natural earth-made ingredients. We have left out toxic chemicals and preservatives to bring you quality products to protect and preserve your skin.

YES, we have solutions to solve your skin issues. Already have deep lines? ABRACADABRA line filler is here! A serious cream for serious skin issues. An alternative to surgery & toxic injections! See results in less than an hour! That's right! We call this our instant face lift. Get the benefit from Hyaluronate filling spheres, Vitamin C & rare Hawaiian Red Sea Algae. Visible smoother skin for a fraction of other creams!


Try a new skin cleanser! The cause of many skin problems begins with using a harsh cleanser. When you strip your skin of all oils and move into the cycle of then over producing oil; breakouts can occur.

Choose from our nourishing and PH-balanced cleansers: LIMU a creamy seaweed cleanser with a hint of orange oil, PINK our foaming fresh cleanser infused with orchids, or PEARL a non-scented moisturizing cleanser that doubles as a make up remover.

If you haven't tried our NO BURN, NO STING, NATURAL MYSTIC Eye Make Up Remover yet, you are missing out! This item sells out at every trade show we attend. Many of our client are performers and are in heavy eye make up. Natural Mystic removes eye make up easily without being irritating. Also takes off dark lipstick in a snap!


Using a sunscreen daily is a must for healthy skin. AOLANI, our SPF-30 botanically infused sunscreen, should be the one thing you never go without! 3 Products in 1! Sunscreen, Tinted Moisturizer & Anti-aging treatment. Delay premature aging with AOLANI (means cloud coverage in Hawaiian)!

One of AOLANI's most important skin protecting ingredients is Seabuckthorn, which contains Vitamin C & E, Aloe Leaf, Rice & Soy Proteins, components that are quickly absorbed into the skin. No need to wash this off! Anti-aging & non -greasy formula. Use alone or under make up. AOLANI SPF-30 SUNSCREEN.

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Our product selections include: Natural, Organic, Vegan & Gluten-Free

Mermaid Minerals Products




All our products are free of Parabens, Dyes, Petroleum Derivatives and are not a part of animal cruelty in any way. If you ever have a question about any of our ingredients or practices please Contact Us.

Mermaid Minerals Skincare Products

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